Sally started her career in Rep where for almost 7 years she worked in various theatres throughout the country performing in different plays every few weeks. This wonderful experience taught her an infinite amount about the profession… From Shakespeare to Farce.. from ASM to leading characters. It was an ideal environment to develop as an actor, working within companies that often stayed together for up to a year.

She then went to Greece to do her first TV “Who Pays the Ferryman” and it was whilst working on this that she was spotted and asked to audition for “Blake’s 7”….This resulted in her Playing Jenna ..The ‘Intergalactic Space Pirate’ … in a series which is, to this day, a cult amongst Sci-fi fans.

After two series she decided to leave the business, to fulfil her dream of doing an English Degree. She majored in Shakespeare and around this time started Directing. After the break, Acting again took precedence in her life. A long stint in ‘Emmerdale’ followed, plus many TV and Theatre appearances.

She has now arrived at a lifestyle where she combines her passions for Acting/directing and teaching. This web site will give you information about her different roles.

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